Medium Amber

Our Ikg jar is for honey lovers. Use generous amounts to make mouthwatering sauces, use an alternative to sugar in baking cakes or just add it to any meal.

Far North Queensland is known for its rich Tropical climates and exotic flowers. Our honey captures the essence of the Far North where our bees travel to areas to give our honey its unique tantalizing taste. Rest assured that our honey is different and is constantly surprising our clients taste buds each harvest season. While rainfall and weather conditions play a critical part into what plants are produced and where the bees choose to gather their nectar from various types of pristine natural bushland and rainforests.

Our honey has gained the attention of chefs, bakers of cakes and pastries. The world is learning to use more natural and artisanal alternatives and honey is becoming the preferred ingredient in foods and in beverages. Honey also has a longer shelf life than many food sweeteners and is able to withhold its freshness which can also be transformed into delicious sauces, dressings and marinades.

TASTE: Depending on the harvest season and the flowers that are in bloom our honey has a mouthwatering light and fruity taste. Our honey is light and fresh which has a hint of a floral scent with a flavor deepening upon the source of the nectar.

COLOUR: Medium Amber


For larger orders 3kg and 5kg please contact us directly